Football youth development in England: ‘We’re shouting and screaming. What have we become?’

Football youth development in England: ‘We’re shouting and screaming. What have we become?’

The key advantage of being in an academy is that a football lover can get to play as much football as they want. With time the moving, dribbling and fishing will result in the right skills being ingrained in the muscles. However, the wrong amount of training can result in damaged goods. This means players become more prone to injuries.

Youth Development and Football: A Look

England had a good run in the FIFA World Cup this year, before they lost in the semis. However, while the run under the new manager has been good, there is no secret that the England football team still needs to improve to be able to become world champions. And it’s for this reason that we need the right youth development strategy. If the England team performs well, they would have more fans, just like how players like today because of the great games on offer.

Tony McCool is a youth developer for Norwich City. Youth development is about giving young kids a chance to make their dreams come true. However, he has expressed his concern about the brutality of first-team football. Coaches are vile to kids when they are training them in this academies.

According to Micheal Beal, the English game doesn’t lack upcoming talent. The problem is having the opportunity to nurture them. Between the ages of 17-24 the EPL has bottlenecked the player situation in the league. There are so many imported players thus hindering local players to get the opportunity to play.

For instance, if you compare English and Brazilian players there is little difference. Brazilian players have great technical and movement skills. On the other hand the English football has failed to focus on such things. If players like Oliver Skipp, Callum Grabbing, Taylor Richards and Sam Fields can all be deemed as the best players in Brazil as they are in England.

England academies are more focused on the 5Cs in a player- confidence, commitment, control, concentration and communication. England is too team minded recognizing the need for individualism that is needed to take the team to the top.

England has not won an international championship since the 1996 World Cup. However recently in the 2018 world cup, they made it to the quarterfinals since 1990. As per now, they are aimed at winning the 2020 Qatar World Cup. Moreover last year the England’s young Lions won the under 20 world cup and under-19 European championships.

The Football Association has come up with five key elements to grow their young blood. They include:

  1. Ensuring the players are passionate about playing for England.
  2. All players should have a specific style of playing. They will be mentored from when they are under 15s to the senior team.
  3. The future of England’s football depends on looking for players who have characteristics that fit the team.
  4. With a unified philosophy, coaching is accomplished with consistency.
  5. All support services such as sports science, psychology and medical analysis are aligned and consistent with each other.